Ya Allah, sesungguhnya waktu Dhuha itu waktu DhuhaMu, kecantikanny adalah kecantikanMu, keindahan itu keindahanMu, kekuatan itu kekuatanMu, kekuasaan itu kekuasaanMu dan perlindungan itu perlindunganMu.
Ya Allah, jika rezekiku masih di langit, turunkanlah, dan jika di dalam bumi, keluarkanlah, jika sukar, permudahkanlah, jika haram, sucikanlah dan jika jauh, dekatkanlah.
Berkat waktu dhuha, kecantikan. keindahan, kekuatan, kekuasaanMu, limpahkan kepadaku segala yang Engkau telah limpahkan kepada hamba-hambaMu yang soleh.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

3 Tips To Having a Younger Looking Face

We humans are typically vain. Admit it, it makes you feel good when other people comment on how attractive you are. While it is true that each one of us is blessed with a physical appearance that's uniquely beautiful from others', society has long set a standard we all like to meet in order to be called by many as good-looking.

Most people associate attractiveness with youth. This is the number one reason why people strive to look young. Celebrities, for example, are known to spend thousands of dollars on products and surgery just to keep their bodies and faces young-looking.
Not everyone can afford to undergo plastic surgery or even just well-known facial creams that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, this doesn't mean that we regular folks can no longer regain our youthful appearance even as we age.
Here are 3 tips to having a younger looking face without the help of high-priced face creams or plastic surgery:
1. Take good care of your skin.
Our skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture as we age. Collagen and elastin, which contribute to our skin's firmness and elasticity, are produced less and less by the body, causing the skin on our face to sag and look tired and worn out.
To help our skin retain moisture, it is important to follow a good skin care regimen. A complete skin care regimen includes - but is not limited to - a facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
Choose a gentle cleanser that is effective enough to wash away dirt but not too strong that it strips away vital nutrients your skin needs. Apply a toner after cleansing your face, and then moisturize.
A lot of people swear by this routine, and you should see great improvements when you start getting into this important skin care habit.
2. Protect your skin from the sun.
Most of the time, the damaging effects of too much sun exposure are irreversible. Do not wait until you get wrinkles, fine lines, and, dark spots because you failed to wear sunscreen protection when out and about during the day.
When outdoors, try not to stay under the direct heat of the sun, but if you really have to, make sure to slather a generous amount of sunblock on your face and body.
3. Take care of your eyes.
Our eyes are what people usually notice first about our face, so it's vital to pay attention to our eyes if we want to stay young-looking. Many may not realize it but dark under eye circles can make you look older than gray hair or bad skin.
While some of us get dark under eye circles at one time or another, there are others who face this cosmetic problem in the long term.
To get rid of dark under eye circles, invest in a good under eye cream. Know that "good" does not necessarily mean expensive, and there are brands out there that can erase not only dark circles, but fine lines and wrinkles as well.
The tricks to having a younger looking face are fairly easy to follow. Throw in a healthy diet and exercise and you'll have that youthful glow you have always wanted.

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